CCA - Gentofte Kommune
Launch website
Citizen-Centered Digital Design
Gentofte Kommune, just north of Copenhagen, has seven distinct towns and over 80.000 people. Like many other municipalities, Gentofte previously had a website that was heavy on information and contained multiple cross-referencing navigation elements. Now, Gentofte has revamped its platform creating a delightful and welcoming experience that portrays the proud traditions of Gentofte with a new fitting interface – one to stand the test of time.

Client: Gentofte Kommune
Year: 2020
Industry: Public Sector


Digital Design
Corporate Website

The website is a contemporary platform-based solution that minimises the information gap between government and citizens. A clear hierarchy, using colours, images and composition to show what 'level' users are on was created as a resolution to the ‘heavy on information site’. On top of this, a number of visual clues and a layered-based look was added for tactility – jointly making for a calm and clean app-like interface was added.