Launch website
SLA is an internationally renowned nature-based design studio. They consist of 130 landscape architects, biologists, anthropologists, and city planners. SLA design places for life. All life. They aren't afraid of being explorative and curious, and they pride themselves on having an academic approach to research. This is also visible in the layout and identity, throughout the site which is clear in communication, yet rich in information.

Client: SLA
Year: 2022


Digital Design

The visitor is invited on a path of discovery, via various entrances to information, cases and a scrapbook module where users can study the company's fundamentals. The site ia a combination of the controllable vs. uncontrollable. Images and cases are carefully narrated, but algorithmd choose the backdrop and type colour based on the images presented in each case online. In other words, the layout is controlled by images of nature. The site is all about exploring, being inspired by nature and building knowledge as you dive into the world of SLA.