Designing democracy Altinget

The race is on!

Political party logos, beaming faces and catchy words are meticulously planted on posters and currently hanging from light poles around Denmark. It’s that time again, election time. On Tuesday, November 16, we use our democratic voices to vote at the election of members to local and regional councils. Don’t let the charming word “local” fool you. This election is significant to how your neighbourhood's policy will look for the next four years.

But who is up for election? And what policies do the parties have when it comes to your specific community? Knowing who’s up for election and how the candidates match your personal and political views is essential. For those in doubt or completely oblivious as to who they should vote for, Altinget is here to help. With “Kandidattesten” (the Candidate test), you will promptly learn more about which candidate and what party matches your personal and political beliefs. The UX makes it easy to navigate, and after a few questions, you are presented with candidates matching your views. It is no secret; some policies are closer to heart than others. Therefore, if you wish to dive further into certain policy areas or candidates, this is also possible.

Who did the test?

Altinget is a political news media with significant experience with creating candidate tests. They are at the forefront in Europe and often highlighted as a “best practice” example on developing candidate tests during elections. Altinget launched the first test in the light of the Danish Parliament Election in 2001. Since then, they have helped create Candidate tests for heavyweights such as Danmarks Radio (DR) and TV2. Since 2019 they have also helped Swedish Public Service Channel SVT and the Norwegian News Service, NTB.


At Kontrapunkt, we helped with the design and UX for this year’s election of members to local and regional councils candidate tests. Find your Local Election test here or Regional Election test here. Also, feel free to check out our case and work for the Danish Region Gentofte here.

See you at the polls on November 16.