Dansk Magisterforening

A versatile identity for a multi-talented organisation

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    Dansk Magisterforening

  • Industry

    NGO’s & Unions

  • Services

    • Visual Identity
    • Design Activation
    • Storytelling & Tone of Voice
    • Bespoke Type Design

Dansk Magisterforening (DM) is the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs - representing a broad spectrum of academics. Something they wished to focus on. So we listened - to DM's CEO and Chairman, to delegates of DM's congress, from employees to members, no part of DM's organisation was left unheard. The process itself was a testimony to the inclusiveness of the new DM brand. Through this close collaboration, we were able to create an identity inspired by their multitude of specialisms and strengths. A brand identity; logo, bespoke typeface, design guidelines, colours, image and illustration styles and distinct tone of voice that truly represents DM and its multitude of bright minds and opinions.