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Not Your Average Gym

Not Your Average Gym
Crossfit Copenhagen came to life as industry disruptors, going up against classic fitness stereotypes and paving the way for a new way of doing fitness in Denmark. Yet, they had reached a point where, to maintain their challenger position, it was time for a change.

Client: Arca
Year: 2020
Industry: Health & Fitness


Brand Positioning
Research and Insights
Messaging Toolbox
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Brand Narrative
Graphic Design

The challenge
Untrue to its origins as industry first-movers bringing a fun and social fitness-alternative to Denmark, Crossfit Copenhagen had become associated with beefcakes, bro-culture, paleo fanatics, and a train-until-you-puke mentality. Undeliberately, they had grown into a community many did not dare enter.

Field work-workout
To get a full grasp of the industry and the Crossfit Copenhagen culture, we performed a workout under the guidance of one of the talented trainers.

After the sweatiest strategy session in Kontrapunkt history, a vision of what Crossfit Copenhagen was - and could be - started to come together.

Stakeholder interviews
We conducted interviews with the founders, management and dedicated members of Crossfit Copenhagen as well as non-members who were considering signing up.

The interviews formed decisive insights on what to keep, what to let go of and what to add with the new brand.

Finding the right name
In the process it became clear, that CrossFit Copenhagen needed a new name.

So, we engaged in a naming process leaving us with 50+ possible names that would take Crossfit Copenhagen in different directions.

Want the full story? Founder Klaus Vesti dive into the rebranding-process, including why there was a need for a new name, in this episode of the podcast Fitness M/K by Anders Nedergaard (in Danish).

From core workout to a core brand platform
The outcome of the research process helped shape a core narrative from which to build a strong brand in a unique position within the market. A position where an individualistic focus on beauty and bulk is left behind and replaced with intelligent, community-based training.

The core narrative acted as the centerpiece of the strategic foundation we developed for Arca - the brand platform. On top and in continuation of the core narrative, we developed and delivered a 'why', 'how' and 'what', personas, key messaging and a distinct tone of voice.

From brand platform to brand identity
In close collaboration with the Arca management team, we translated the strategic structure into a vibrant visual identity that's as unique, future-fit and welcoming as the Arca we got to know.

Illustrating diversity
The blown-up illustrations shape and convey the story of Arca - a place where people of all colours and body types are welcome and appreciated.

A colour scheme that sticks out and a ToV that makes it stick
Black and white seems to be the go-to color scheme of fitness. So, with the new color palette, Arca stands out from the category-crowd. And by pairing the colors with their new, personal tone of voice, their presence both inside and outside their boxes will remain inimitably Arca.

“We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the entire process with Kontrapunkt. I feel like we didn’t just get a new name and some new colours. Together, we’ve developed a living and breathing identity that marks the beginning of a new journey. A new journey, but we’re still the ones pushing the boundaries of the fitness industry.”

Klaus Vesti, Founder of Arca

Nanna Knudsen

Senior Client Manager

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