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A Leading Star

Astra is the new National Centre for Learning in Science, Technology and Health in Denmark, the result of the merge between NTScenteret, Danish Science Factory and ScienceTalenter. The organisation’s mission is to ensure that young people gain insights and skills within the science field and work towards ensuring that a greater proportion of students choose scientific educations and career paths. Our task was to develop a strong masterbrand, with a name and visual identity that was powerful enough to contain all of Astra’s activities nationwide.

Astra means star in Ancient Greek - a colossal accumulation of energy and light - and just like the sailors navigated using the stars, the asterisk is a guiding star, a reference pointing towards further knowledge. As the asterisk is a generic symbol included in all fonts, we narrowed the tips of the asterisk to increase the feeling of a star, as well as making it unique and exclusive to the Astra identity. The asterisk is, in combination with a playful and distinct color palette, the driving force of the identity.

An identity that stretches over various projects and events, whilst still being flexible with room for embracing specific features and personality traits within the sub-identities, enabling them to be relevant towards more broad target groups. The colors of the master brand bubble over to the different projects, showing clear affiliation to Astra across platforms, helped by a shared logo system and a typographic universe based on the primary Proxima Nova Astra font developed specifically for the Astra brand. The result is a visual identity expressing Astra as one organization that puts a shine on tomorrow’s stars in science, technology, and health.

Nille Halding

Creative Director & Partner

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