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Emma Chamberlain

YouTube Sensation Gone Coffee Aficionada

YouTube Sensation Gone Coffee Aficionada
One billion total views. 10.5M followers on Instagram. 10M subscribers on YouTube. Named “most important YouTuber today” by The Atlantic. Fans call her style “relatable YouTube”, going against the stream of “plandids”. Yet, her coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee, didn’t feel Emma’ish. So, we worked with Emma and her team to deliver a kickass brand refresh.

Client: Emma Chamberlain
Year: 2020
Industry: FMCG


Packaging Design
Bespoke Typeface
Brand Identity
Customer Experience

Your relatable coffee brand
Speaking to young millennials, Chamberlain Coffee is a brand that praises coffee lovers and believes that coffee is more than just a beverage. It is an attitude and a mood. It gives consumers honest and real coffee moments allowing them to connect with friends, feelings and memories. Originating from Emma’s personality, the brand universe is driven by a playful tone of voice and builds on four initial characters that represent characteristics we can all relate to.

Chamberlain’s BFF’s
Just like other human-beings, Emma’s personality is complex and contradictory. That’s why we decided to develop a number of brand characters that each represent branches of Emma’s personality. They’re totally relatable, tbh.

Totally Emma’s type
We drew an unpretentious and approachable typeface oozing of good vibes. Straightforward, but with personal tweaks, soft and friendly corners.

It’s about how you drink
Besides representing Emma’s personality, each character is connected to Chamberlain Coffee’s different flavours. Because coffee is more than a beverage. It’s a whole mood. So whether you're catching up with friends, stuck in the morning commute or pulling an all-nighter, Chamberlain Coffee has you covered.

totally... like... type something

From ‘the tube’ to top touchpoints
We transformed Emma’s tone from ‘the tube’ on to Chamberlain Coffee’s top touchpoints, making the brand tone of voice as honest and ironic as Emma. Undecided what mood you’re in – FOMO or JOMO? Just go for the coffee that speaks to you on that day and you’ll know.

Like for like?
Okay, we'll let you in on a little secret: Emma’s primary points of sale are online. On Instagram as well as her brand new website. On Instagram we aim for a personal snap-shot vibe. Photos always in colour, shot on film or with a film/analogue-like look. Colourful clothing, and a personal and relatable expression. So, the guidelines basically go: Emma, just be Emma.

A sales-site that doesn’t feel salesy
The e-commerce website is playful and vibrant like the brand’s other touchpoints – spiced up with a good bit of motion, making the online experience more surprising and dynamic. Here, each brand character and its distinct personality come to life. What better way to show that Chamberlain Coffee is busily preparing your order than with the busy, over-achieving Early Bird?

Product images
Art direction and styling: Brini Fetz / hej Studio
Photography: Morten Bentzon

Philip Linnemann

Executive Creative Director & Partner

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