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One Circle Connecting Copenhagen
With the opening of the new metro line, Cityringen, a new city is defined. We developed the signage system above and below ground and designed the new metro map with the circular M3 line. It involved working on more than 1.000 signs across 17 new stations, and a bespoke typeface for the LED screens inside every metro train.

Client: The Copenhagen Metro
Year: 2020
Industry: Transportation


Visual Identity Design
Design Guidelines
Bespoke Typeface
Signage System

A clean and clear circle
We designed the Cityringen, being Danish for ‘city circle’, to seamlessly fit with the existing metro lines, M1 and M2. It forms a circle around the city centre and connects Copenhagen with the other metro lines and the S-train. Visually, the map is clean and easy to digest. It pleases the eye and provides an overview of the entire Metro system, contributing to a smooth journey in a busy city.

An extension of the current experience
The overall design is inspired by Per Mollerup's design for the Metro lines M1 and M2. Yet, it renews and updates the passenger information with new line colours, new types of line cards, motions on departure boards, easy to read texts, pictograms, and tight structuring of all information.

Tranquility in chaos
The graphic solution is minimalist and precise - and thus generous. We designed it with respect for the thousands of users who commute and interact with the information every day. We want travellers to know they can trust the information and be inspired by its clarity to explore. In its own understated way, the Copenhagen metro is its own place and contributes to opening up the city's life for citizens and tourists.

A dotted display font
We designed a bespoke typeface for inside the metro in line with the signage system and the metro map. It was born out of numerous creative barriers. The font had to fill a 24-by-192 LED dot matrix display, be an interpretation of Frutiger Bold that’s also used for the physical signs of the Metro, fit “Poul Henningsens Plads” (the longest station name on the line), without ticker-text, and, of course, be legible from a distance. All without the possibility of curvatures and angled strokes.

Nanna Knudsen

Senior Client Manager

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