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Revitalising Denmarks Export Credit Agency

Revitalising Denmark's Export Credit Agency
In 2010 Kontrapunkt helped EKF with their brand identity. Almost ten years later, it is time to bring the identity into a new digital era - one that reflects EKF's ambitious new communication strategy. EKF has shed its old skin and evolved into a modern age.

Client: EKF
Year: 2019


Visual Identity Design
Bespoke Typeface
Design Guidelines
Brand Activation

EKF logo before
EKF logo now

A respectful update of a widely recognised symbol

Denmark's Export Credit Agency (EKF) is an organisation that helps businesses in Denmark grow and expand into markets outside of Denmark. With respect for the old identity, we created a new sturdy, warm and welcoming colour pallet for EKF and gave the distinct logo a fitting brush-up.

A typeface update

In alignment with the already existing EKF typeface, we designed a new seriffed display typeface. The typeface speaks the language of the EKF logo and is clear and recognisable.

Established in 1922, EKF was one of only three export credit agencies in the world.

A fitting brand refresh

We produced a brand refresh that makes EKF more relevant and approachable for smaller enterprises, as well as large corporations. With strong references to the bespoke typeface, we created new icons and added more life to the new identity, with illustrations to encapture the spirit of EKF and the companies who work with them.

Nille Halding

Creative Director & Partner

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