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Kontrapunkt Futures

Let's talk about the future!

Encouraging speculation through storytelling.
Word has it that change is the only constant. So naturally, a sensitivity to what might be just around the corner or decades away is needed to shape brands fit for the future. The ability to discuss the future is at the centre of meaningful brands eager to challenge the status quo. To spur that discussion, we have created an online universe of speculation and dreaming based on systematic research into the future of mobility.

Client: Kontrapunkt Futures
Year: 2022


Campaign Website
Brand Strategy
Digital Design

An immersive digital universe, talking to heart and mind
Kontrapunkt Futures is rooted in our deep-held belief that perception is shaped through both heart and mind. The universe tells immersive stories of speculative futures, utilising a combination of audio and visualisation to achieve an experience transporting viewers to a different point in time. Deep research into signals of change lay the foundation for each story and provide the rationale of our inquiry into the future. Engaging a variety of in-house capabilities, Futures results from working across strategy, design and web development at Kontrapunkt.


Jonas Schmidt

UX Strategist

For more on Kontrapunkt Futures, reach out to Jonas

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