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A Recipe for Success

noma redefined the Nordic cuisine.

Kontrapunkt redefined their brand.

noma achieves gastronomic perfection with a deep respect for geographical context and heritage. This gave noma its name (noma is short for nordisk mad which translates into Nordic food) and lay the foundation for a flawless food experience. The uncompromising and nature-inspired approach was our inspiration when we designed a new brand identity for the world's best restaurant.

Cloudberries, moss, turbot, ants, whey, sorrels, buttermilk, branches, fiord shrimps, bluebells... a poem, a recipe or a typeface? It's all noma.

Natural perfection

The visual identity, custom typeface and spatial concept are inspired by nature's organic shapes. Emphasising exclusive elements that match the gastronomic quality, it's an identity that pays homage to the origins of food and world-class dining experience. A brand experience that leaves no doubt about noma reigning supreme in the gastronomic world elite.

"We wanted a new take on our visuals. One that matches the restaurant. Kontrapunkt certainly succeeded in creating a refined identity and especially by developing our very own font."

Peter Kreiner, Managing Director at Noma

Nanna Knudsen

Senior Client Manager

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