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Crafting a modern approach to reporting

Crafting a Modern Approach to Reporting
Pandora, the world’s leading jewellery brand, recently updated their brand expression. We activated the new brand guidelines with a modern, premium quality annual report. To prioritize and optimize the online reading experience, we transformed the classical print format into a digitally-focused publication.

Client: Pandora
Year: 2021
Industry: Lifestyle


Corporate Reporting
Brand Activation
Art direction

An unapologetic report
The goal was to create an authentic and engaging report that supports Pandora’s playful character. The brand symbols are loud and proud, headlines are unapologetically bold, and, to dot the i, we introduced dynamic cropping and flexible layout.

More than a numbers game
Annual reporting is extensive and involve a substantial amount of data. For Pandora, we created branded chart styles and infographics that invite the reader to dive deeper into the immersive report.

However, there are always personal stories behind the numbers. And in 2020, people's stories were extraordinarily important. To emphasize this, we decided to use expressive and dynamic photography.

Pink is the new black
Clearly, in Pandora's universe, pink is the new black. The colour adds a hint of optimism. It's a colour of action. We used it strategically, always balanced with white and black, which leaves space for solid copywriting, reporting and storytelling.

Digital-first reporting
We took a modern approach to reporting. We shifted from classical print-destined formats towards digital-focused. The purpose of this shift was to prioritise the online reading experience. The page layout includes wide text columns and extra space for highlights and facts.

The report is interactive and XBRL tagged.

From digital to tactile
Nonetheless, understanding the importance of tactile experiences, we found an optimal printing format. It matches widescreen proportions, ensuring a seamless process that minimizes the time needed for print finalisation.

Kim Paulsen

Client Director & Partner

Want to know more about how we create annual reports that are relevant and engaging? Get in touch with Kim.

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