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The Index Project

Design to Improve Life

The best way to predict the future is to design it
The new Index Project identity builds on the existing strength of the Index Brand. Kontrapunkt has helped The Index Project align their work and mission to teach, award and invest in people changing the world through design. What they call ‘design to improve life’.

Client: The Index Project
Year: 2019
Industry: Nonprofit organization


Brand Identity
Brand Architecture
Brand Narrative
Motion Design
Design Guidelines
Bespoke Typeface
Visual Identity Design
Art direction

A distinct identity

At the core of The Index Project identity, you find the cube depicting a piece of design. When placing several cubes together, you have an index of design. The index is activated when the cubes are moved and examined. In doing so, new pieces will come together and aspire to new design solutions.

New logo
Old logo

An activating typeface

The bespoke Index typeface is a reference to The Index Project in both look and character. The cube is present throughout the typeface, while the missing joints in each letter activate the reader in a playful and embracing manner. The typeface family consists of Index Display, Index Text and Index Italic.

Index Typeface
Notable past Index Award finalists and winners include: LifeStrawTM, TEDx, Tesla Roadster, Kiva, Hövding, Raspberry Pi, All Out, Beyond Meat, Skype, Duolingo, The Ocean CleanUp Array, Zipline and Thumy

The Index icons

Seemingly effortless, the icons lean against the bespoke typeface and identity. Among other, the icons are represented in each of The Index Award categories.

Design with a purpose

The Index Project, formerly INDEX: Design to Improve Life, was born in 2002. Since then, they have invested in people or companies who change the world through design. The Index Project wants people to feel empowered, involved and inspired. Designing is a process, and The Index Project takes the role of an enabler - activating people to find smart solutions for global problems - even when facing severe challenges.

Mikkel Lemvig

Design Director

Reach out to Mikkel to learn more about this project or how we can help you.

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