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A Pension Company That Puts People First

Rethinking Pension
When Nordea Liv & Pension switched owners from banks to customers, it was more than just a change of ownership. Turning big changes into possibilities made the organisation rethink what a pension company can be. With that came Velliv.

Client: Velliv
Year: 2018
Industry: Pension


Brand Identity
Brand Movie
Visual Identity Design
Bespoke Typeface
Brand Activation
Design Guidelines
UX Design
Motion Design
Tone of Voice
Brand Narrative
Research and Insights

People Helping People

More than 50 internal and external interviews showed one striking and constant characteristic throughout the company: a human connection. Unlike the competitors, Nordea Liv & Pension not only wished to secure customers’ savings but just as much to provide a framework for the good life. This insight proved pivotal for the development of the new brand. From start to finish.

In order to stand out and clearly communicate the human connection, a new name was needed. Changing from the classic Nordea Liv & Pension to the more contemporary Velliv, the new name helps permeate the brand with the humane focus while giving clear associations to the good life.


Converting the new name into design resulted in an optimistic V that turned into Velvejen – a recurring design element visible throughout the identity. Twisting and turning across all touch points, it symbolises the unforeseen changeability of life.

A bespoke typeface

The unpredictability of life is also visible in the artistic new typeface. With almost personality-like characteristics, the sculptural letters nearly resemble humans and enable Velliv to infuse their brand values directly into the look of words.


Motion Principles

The motion principles mimic stop motion with a frame rate at low speed. To create a crafted and warm feeling to the otherwise clean graphics.

Illustration style

Illustrations and icons originate from Velvejen and are used throughout the brand. Bringing it to life on digital platforms and in animated explanatory films.

Photography style

To emphasise that Velliv is about people, the image style uses just that. Either directly or by showing situations from everyday life that people can relate to. Photos by Mikkel Bache.

Nanna Knudsen

Senior Client Manager

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